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See what other people are saying about our Elevate on 5th apartments! At Elevate on 5th Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


I'm a new tenant that started my lease in May of 2024. I felt compelled to share my experience with Elevate on 5th. The caveat for this review being that I've only actually lived here for a couple weeks. I'm a 25-year-old mechanical engineering student at the University of Utah. When I toured Elevate on 5th, I found it to have many of the same amenities one comes to expect of apartment complexes. Amenities such as a gym, hot tub, and recreation center. I was pleasantly surprised to see the gym was much larger than a small bedroom, unlike most complexes, and has some decent equipment. It certainly doesn't replace a gym membership for experienced gymgoers but it's far nicer than I was expecting. From what I managed to piece together from many of the negative older reviews, the complex has had numerous managers over the years that have neglected and sometimes outright failed to perform their duty to maintain the complex and assist the residents. Thankfully, Elevate has had a recent change of management and they definitely don't seem keen on repeating the pattern. The place is currently undergoing fairly significant renovations such as making the hallways much warmer and inviting as well as renovating the individual units to have more modern appliances and furnishings. I've found the new management team to be very honest and transparent about their current situation. The previous managers had left the complex in such disrepair that the current team has had their work cut out for them, putting out old fires and getting the complex into working shape while renovating the dated apartments and common areas. My initial experience after moving into my 1-bedroom unit was honestly not the best. In fact, I initially felt intense buyer's remorse when I completed the full-apartment damage inspection after signing the lease. The list of things that were broken or in disrepair was as long as a CVS receipt. I somehow managed to miss so many things on my initial 5-minute tour of the unit and felt a deep sense of dread, thinking that I had paid the ADHD tax big time. From previous experience with apartment complexes and landlords in general, I thought I was never going to be able to get the apartment in working order. Thankfully and to my amazement, I was wrong. The management team has been incredibly responsive. They were sympathetic to my situation and were very quick to address the many issues with the unit. They communicate with residents using text message and they have always been fast to respond to any messages I've sent and do so with a professional, cheery and supportive attitude. The maintenance staff at the complex are great. They work quickly and do quality work. I used to work in the trades for years as a plumber, handyman, and even as maintenance at a gated community; so, I know what quality work looks like. Fabian, the head of maintenance, is incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and seems to always have a great attitude that's contagious. Within 2 weeks, most of the repairs have been completed. Management have been timely in giving me updates on repairs as well as on top of coordinating with vendors to get appliances and furnishings repaired and replaced. I feel I cannot overstate how relieved I feel that the management team at Elevate on 5th actually care about their residents and doing a good job. In my experience, management teams like them are incredibly uncommon. I've worked with HOAs and landlords and good management seriously makes all the difference. I don't doubt there are still things that need to be remedied at the complex, but I have faith that management will address them. They truly are a breath of fresh air compared to what I've had to put up with over the years. Also, from my experience, the apartments are well sound insulated and have fast internet, which is fantastic! I feel confident in saying, I definitely recommend Elevate on 5th! Wish I could go into more detail, but I've hit the word limit for this review. Thanks for reading!


My recent experience living here has been great. The management team has been really helpful and quick to address any issues. Very friendly and outgoing staff.



i’ve lived here for three years and love it. the price can hardly be beat for a 2 bedroom in this location, and location is everything. i am super appreciative for our wonderful maintenance staff for their prompt and earnest efforts to fix issues in our apartment. i am also grateful for our wonderful new team of office staff. i feel like a karen sometimes submitting concerns or complaints, but this staff has been amazing at listening to our needs. no the amenities are not perfect, but they are well used and loved (r.i.p. to the donation table — you were my favorite amenity). there was a fire alarm system in the fritz and an elevator was down for 2 years, but they got fixed! what i want in my apartment is to feel safe and heard, and that’s exactly what i get here.


Love the staff and the location is super convenient!


Natalie and the new management are just what this property needed! Excited to see the changes that are in progress get finished! Since they have taken over the hottub has become functional as well as all the elevators on the property. They are also making quality of life improvements like a much needed repainting of the hallways!


The staff are VERY communicative and typically get back to you either very fast or at very reasonable times.



Great! 👍


I have lived here for almost two years and the new people in the leasing office are very nice and helpful.

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